Staying Ahead

People, who already are living sustainable lives, partner with graduates of the “Getting Ahead” program. Each team helps each graduate build those 11 resources we all need to live sustainable lives.

Thank you for your eager willingness to commit to build intentional social capital and continually work to develop the 11 key resources.  Teammates are people living sustainable lives who would be willing to serve as friends and mentors to those working toward a more sustainable life.

11 Key Resources:  Financial, emotional, Mental, Spiritual, Physical, Support Systems, Knowledge of hidden rules, relationship, formal register of language, motivation, and integrity.

As a teammate, we are expecting you to

  • Attend the Staying Ahead meeting every first Tuesday of month 5:30-7:00 with your graduate.
  • Take the incentive, as you become an advocate to break down hurdles.
  • Communicate with Teammate Coordinator every two months.


Creating Relationships with graduates takes extra effort, mostly on the teammate side.  The teammate grows alongside the graduate as the relationship challenges each.  Below are some things we have learned from current teammates:

  • Take the incentive.  Then, take the incentive again.  Remind your graduate of plans via text.
  • Engage in your graduate’s life celebrations (birthdays, resource victories, children events).
  • Help the graduate work on the resource he/she identifies as the weakest.  Then work on the resource you both agree needs some refinement.
  • Building trust takes time as the graduate is wondering when the teammate will fade into the background.
  • Persist.  Guard your feelings when your graduate does not respond.  After numerous contacts and much effort over eight weeks, if the relationship is not working, please contact the coordinator.
  • Being a teammate is not about you.  It is about the graduate.  Walking alongside the graduate as they overcome barriers.

Be the Positive

  • Celebrate success (no matter how small)
  • Encourage next steps
  • Praise choices that point to their goals

Activities as you get to know your Graduate

  • Go to a free music event in the community.
  • Volunteer at a community event together.
  • Participate in a class together.  Fitness, Finance, Health, Stress reduction, Parenting, etc.
  • Attend your graduate’s child’s activity at school.

Each month

  • Attend the Staying Ahead meeting
  • Take the incentive in contacting graduate.  Do something once a month
  • Communicate delight in their progress