Burlington Building Bridges will be hosting a chair silent auction as a fundraiser playing off the word “CHAIR-rity” in October.  The hope is your organization will donate a clearance or mismatched chair.  At the time of auction, the sponsors will be celebrated for donations.   

2020 has been a hard year for everyone.  Resourcing our Building Bridges graduates during the difficulties of COVID has been intense.  As a new nonprofit, donations have slowed drastically.  The hope is the chair charity silent auction will help cover the gaps in income.  The CHAIR-ity will be our only fundraising event in 2020.


Join us this October for our very first charity chair auction – a fun way to raise funds! We are looking for local groups offer chair to be donated and auctioned off.

What kind of groups or individual can donate a chair?  Anyone

What kind of chairs are we looking for?

  • Kitchen Chairs               – Office Chairs
  • Barstools                        – Rocking Chairs
  • Recliners                        – Kids Chairs

Any chairs are welcome: but creativity is key!

  • Donate a clearance chair
  • Transform a garage sale dining room chair into a garden pot
  • A beautifully painted rocking chair could include a blanket or pillow
  • A barstool could include a book of drink recipes and/or set of glasses
  • A Recliner could come with slippers, snacks, or a remote control
  • If your business donates a chair it could come equipped with merchandise, gift card, or vouchers from your store!

Burlington Building Bridges is an 18-week Hands-On workshop empowers individuals that are struggling in poverty reach their fullest potential, develop their future story, and build a support system.  During each getting ahead class individuals process the current situation, systematic barriers, and identifying areas of poverty (as 11 exist).  Looking at the resources one works on making life changes to break generational poverty.  Concepts from aha publishing are used to help build tools and connect into  supportive relationships that will make a difference in the individual’s life and community.

Upon selecting a chair, please call 754-8421 and we will quickly come pick up your precious donation.