Getting Ahead Classes

This 18-week Hands-On workshop empowers individuals that are struggling in poverty reach their fullest potential, develop their future story, and build a support system.

During each getting ahead class you’ll take a look at your current situation and the community issues that play a role in your life. Looking at the resources within you, and using those resources to make the life changes you want. You will be learning new concepts, tools and building supportive relationships that will make a difference in your life and in your community

The process to get into the class is to call 319.754.8421 or sign up by email.

Our class is typically 12 to 14 people. Individuals need to apply for the program and participate in an information interview process.

During the workshop we will provide:

  • Child care
  • Transportation
  • Evening Meal
  • Attendance incentive

If you are interested in changing your current situation, will commit to the 18 weeks, be opent to building relationships and connections in your community – just call 319.754.8421 or email to sign up.